Day 1 Recap

Well, I didn’t do as well today as I could have.  I wasn’t shooting as fast as I can, but even then I was still hitting a occassional penalty target.  I have to remember to go faster when it is right, but then change my cadence and slow down for the tight shots.  Three of the four stages today were very short (worth fewer overall points), so that still provide some chance to improve my overall score over the next three days.

I woke up early this morning, after going to bed very early last night (I was tired from traveling).  After the usual morning routine and breakfast at Fudruckers (in the hotel), I headed out to the range.  The local shooting club that runs the range is having trouble with the anti-gun zealots.  Apparently, the local zealots have tried every tactic they can to shut down the range.  The latest efforts involve the air quality ordinances that the county has passed.  We all have to crawl around at  10 mph on the range to keep the dust down.  Although I don’t like reasons for the speed limit, it does really help to keep the mess to a minimum.  I can’t believe how dirty everything had gotten in just one day.  I think my camera needs a bath, and my iPhone was coughing and wheezing all day.

The first picture is the view of the mountains from the shooting range.  As you can see, things are nearly as green as Oregon.  The big jagged rocks are pretty, but there isn’t much life out here.  I also included a few pictures of people on my squad.  We have a couple of female and one junior competitor.  I even met a couple from Western Pennsylvania!!


One response to “Day 1 Recap

  1. welcome to nationals! Except for the big dogs, nobody shoot as well at nats as they do at home.

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