Final Preparations & OSU

Today I am making final preparations and packing my gear and clothes for the trip.  I fly out of Portland tomorrow morning, nonstop to Vegas!  Special thanks to my beautiful wife for supporting this adventure, and for running the things solo while I’m gone.

I’ve packed most of the essential shooting gear in my checked luggage, along with my gun and clothes.  I thought I would check most of the odd looking stuff in the luggage, rather than playing 20 questions as they inspect my carry-on.  I know a lot of people fly to shooting matches all around the country, and for that matter, around the world.  However, for me this is an unusual occurrence.  I’m hoping for a trouble free trip, but wary of the unexpected.

I’ve been very undecided about taking the computer, since I’m trying to avoid unnecessary gear.  I had been thinking that I could post all my updates here and on Facebook using my iPhone.  However, considering I’ll have photos from my Casio camera to edit and post, and maybe even some videos, I think taking the computer is smart.  My carry-on bag is not very heavy yet, and I should manage OK with the laptop.

On a separate note, I was very surprised to find that the Oregon State University Beavers will be in Vegas to play football on Saturday.  Many of my coworkers are OSU graduates, and even more of them live near the University.  Imagine my surprise to find that some of my good friends from work would be in Vegas for the game!!  I’ve made tentative plans to meet them for dinner or a beer, and I hope they can come to watch me shoot at the match.

Friday will be a busy day.  I’m leaving early for the airport.  Upon arrival in Vegas, I need to get the rental car, meet friends for lunch, register for the match, check into the hotel, pick up my ammo at American Shooters, visit and survey the range, find a Walmart to buy miscellaneous supplies, and unpack/repack my gear for day 1.

If you are reading this, and will be in Vegas (for the match, or for the Beavers game), post a comment so I know to look for you.


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