UPS and Anderson

Yesterday I took a 20 lb box of ammo to the UPS service center.  Luckily, one of the big local gun shops in Las Vegas offered to receive shipments of ammo for the Nationals.  Thanks to Ray Witham and American Shooters!  To understand how important this is, you have to know that most airlines allow a limited amount of ammunition in your checked luggage, and it is almost impossible to carry enough for the match.  Although it is permissible to send packages directly to yourself at a hotel, they charge large fees, and I worry about the safety and reliability of delivery.

I finished loading my match ammo last week.   The final recipe was 7.6gr of 7625 with a 121gr Hornady HAP in 38-TJ brass and a Winchester Small Pistol Primer.  I decided to take 600 rounds.  That seems like a little to much, since last year the total round count was 377.  Of course, I need enough buffer for misses and possibly a few reshoots.  I hate running low on ammo, and plan to avoid that stress.

Last night I started working more seriously on dry fire drills.  A have Steve Anderson’s dry fire practice book, and started with the basic indexing drills.  If you’ve never seen his book, you can learn about it here: Anderson Shooting.  I practiced 15 and 30 ft draw and index, from both ‘surrender’ and ‘hands naturally at sides’, plus the 30 ft turn-and-draw (ala el-presedente).  I hope to find time to add additional drills as my personal life allows.

I’m a bachelor this weekend!  My wife and son are going to the coast with some friends.  They are excited, but I worry they will be too cold to enjoy it.  The Oregon coast is notoriously chilly.  I’ll be shooting at a local match on Saturday morning, and joining some friends for a friendly poker match in the evening.


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