Quick Match Update

I just wanted to post a quick match update for those of you tracking my progress. July 18th and 19th was the Columbia Cascade Sectional Championship. My gun ran great! The changes I made to my magazines and the TJ brass with HAP bullets made all the difference. Thanks Hornady!

I only placed 6th at the match, but feel I will do better as I push myself more. I used this match to ‘get back into things’ after coaching baseball all spring, and spending a couple weeks on vacation. My main goal was to get my gear running.

Last weekend, I attended the NW Regional Steel Shoot (see the link in the sidebar) in Portland Oregon.  Since I was still low on primers, I decided to only compete in 22 rimfire.  I shot pretty well, but since there were a lot more people shooting multiple guns, I had a lot of good competition.  I think I placed 6th or 7th, but can’t find the official results online yet.

Both matches were great fun!

This weekend: load ammo for Nationals, dryfire, and start packing!!


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