Primers and Practice and Christmas

Primers and Practice

I’m a little worried about getting in enough practice before the Nationals.  There are a lot of obstacles in my way this summer.  Assuming that I can adapt and overcome, I’ll post some of my practice plans and progress here.

First, primers are a problem.  The cupboard is bare.  I have about 1500 WSP left to make compete all summer and practice and go to the Nationals.  A local friend has offered me an additional thousand, but I hate to infringe on his good nature.  I’ve had an order in with Graf and Sons, and heard they are on about a 3 month wait.  Hopefully, I’ll get a shipment in July.

Second, time.  Baseball season is wrapping up for my son’s team.  I’m the coach, and spend all of my Saturdays at the ball field.  I’ve only been to one speed steel and one USPSA match each month since March.  Even though the season ends in a couple weeks, the family is immediately off to Florida for a two week vacation.  I’m really looking forward to the trip, especially since my wife and son love Disney.  I won’t be back until the 4th of July, so serious practice won’t start until then.

Third, partner.  My favorite practice partner is no longer available.  He and I used to work together, and would practice after work at the local club.  He has moved on to a different job in the next town, and can’t make evening practices any more.  He was a great help, and made practice fun and interesting.  I’ll have to talk with him about an alternative practice schedule.

Because of these limitations, I think I’ll try to implement an agressive dry firing schedule to add to any live practice I can get.


It seems that today was Christmas at my house.  Well, I thought it was.  I arrived home to three heavy boxes on the front porch and a padded envelope in the mail.  The padded envelope contained a couple of skins and a carrying case for my new iPhone.  Way cool!  The boxes on the front porch were reloading supplies and equipment from Hornady.  Seems that I’ll be using their brass and bullets loaded on a red press.  I’m wishing they made primers too.  Oh, and the iPhone skin is Hornady red too!!

Since I forgot to post a picture of my competition gun in my last entry, here’s one now:

Tanfoglio Gold Team

Tanfoglio Gold Team


One response to “Primers and Practice and Christmas

  1. About your friend, the one with the primers? Give him my name. Tell him I have absolutely no compunctions about infringing on his good nature.

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