iPhone and iGun

I just got a new iPhone this weekend. Other than being really cool, it has some great features for blogging and my trip to the nationals. WordPress, the site of this blog, has a cool app for publishing via the iPhone. I’m using it to post this entry! I hope to use it during the match to provide frequent updates and pictures. Since I’ll be experimenting here via the iPhone, please be patient with me.

Just to keep this blog on topic, I’ll share a little about my gear. I’m shooting a Tanfoglio (EAA) Gold Team in 38 super. I currently load starline supercomp brass with 7625 and a 121gr Hornady HAP. However, I plan to switch to 38TJ asap, since it feeds better when my mags are stuffed full.

I’m reloading using a Hornady LNL AP which I really like. It is nice to have 5 stations (my last press only had 4), but I really love the case feeder. It doesn’t add a lot of speed, but it does let me concentrate on monitoring the other operations more closely.

I know what you’re thinking, “He’s talking about Hornady stuff because they sponsor him.” True, but I used it before too.


One response to “iPhone and iGun

  1. here via Jerry … looking forward to hearing how you go in your prep – I’m planning to shoot in our IPSC nationals (Australia) at Easter next year so looking forward to lots of tips and training ideas.

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