Birth of a Blog

Today is the birth of my blog.  I’m planning to use this space to capture my comments, observations, and experiences leading up to and during the 2009 USPSA Open Nationals.  Since this is my first trip to the Nationals, I have no idea what to expect or how to prepare.

This year, the Nationals are in Las Vegas, Nevada in September.  I’ve been there many times as a tourist, but never to compete.  The match registration is on Friday, September 11th.  Competition starts on Saturday, September 12th and ends on Tuesday the 15th.  The awards ceremony is on Tuesday evening.

So far I have made hotel reservations at The Orleans, the official match hotel.  I’ve also paid my entry fee and sent my entry form to the home office.  Next I plan to buy airplane tickets and reserve a rental car.

Most importantly, however, I have been recently sponsored.  I’d like to thank Hornady Manufacturing for paying my way to the Nationals and providing me with reloading supplies and equipment.  You’re probably wondering how a lowly B-class shooter got sponsored.  It’s a fairly simple story.  While tinkering in the garage one day, I designed a small part for Hornady’s LNL AP reloading press.  It worked so well, I sent the design to the R&D guys at Hornady.  Surprisingly, the big brains at Hornady liked the design enough to use it.  While I had their attention, I politely asked that they review and consider a proposal for sponsorship that I had written.  They accepted and agreed to sponsor my trip to the Nationals.

Since I don’t have a GM card, and can’t swagger around and show off my trophies in search of a sponsor, I decided my proposal should focus on grass-roots type of marketing, where qualities like good sportsmanship, helpfulness, dedication to shooting sports, and local/regional activities are the cornerstone of the sponsorship.  Of course I will strive to score well, but more importantly, I hope to represent Hornady in a positive manner, exposing more USPSA shooters to their products, and showing that Hornady is a quality company.


One response to “Birth of a Blog

  1. Welcome to The Blogosphere, Jeff, and congratulations on your sponsorship from Hornady!

    I get to keep track of your National’s Experience, and I even get to be the first commenter on your first post.

    I’m putting the link up on my sidebar tonight.


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