Here’s a few photoshopped images:


Photos Available

I’ve most of the photos from the Nationals here:  The order seems a little backward.  There are also several pages of the super squad, plus a few other random pictures.  Squad 15 starts around page 6.

I’m working on the videos tomorrow.  You can find a few here:

Here’s Angus:

Day Four Recap

Today was the final day of the match.  We had only three stages today so they could have time to tally the scores  before tonight’s award presentation.  I shot my best today, probably because I wasn’t worried about trying too hard.  The three stages today were very short, simple and straighforward.

This morning I woke up with a slight hangover, but I wasn’t drinking last night.  I guess that the hot and dry desert has dehydrated me more than I realized.  I drank a lot of water this morning, but am still feeling a little dry.  After brunch I headed out ot the range, only to get a voice message that I was late!  To my embarrasment, the afternoon session was starting at 12:00, not 12:30 as I had thought.  Luckily, I made it in time to join my squad and didn’t miss any stages.

I uploaded some videos to youtube.  You can find them by following the youtube to the right at the bottom of ‘Favorite Links’.

I didn’t take any pictures today, but here are a couple from day two:

Day Three Recap

I didn’t manage to make any live posts today from the range.  The shooting bays we used today were in the lower areas of the range, and I didn’t have any cell phone signal to get the messages out.

I shot pretty well today, better than on previous days.  We only shot four stages today,  but also had to visit the chronograph to measure our ammo to confirm it meets the minimum power requirements.  My division (open, major) requires a power factor (velocity x weight) of 165.  Unlike the Area 1 match last year, I made sure I had enough extra headroom in case there was some variability in my loads, and scored a 169.

Our first stage today had a ‘texas star’.  It is a star of five falling plates that can rotate on a central hub.  The star on our first stage had a couple of hard cover that limited the range where you can shoot the plates.  See a video of the texas star below.  I didn’t have any trouble with the star, but at least one other competitor managed to stop the star with two remaining plates hidden behind the hard cover.  It was quite a delema, and cost some people points.  You can also see a video of me shooting the stage below.

I stayed late at the range today and took some pictures of the super squad (the group of professional shooters) shoot one of the stages.  The pictures are not really noteworthy, but I did get a good one of Rob Leatham.  I’ve attached it below with a couple shots of guys from my squad doing speed reloads.  Notice that they are ejecting the used magazines while reaching for a replacement.  Sometimes they are so fast the flying brass from the last shot doesn’t even hit the ground. 

Tomorrow, we have three more stages in the afternoon.  I don’t know if I made up any ground in the points standings, since it is too early to get the results for day 3.


Day Two Recap

Day two was great fun.  Again today my performance was not up to par.  I know I can shoot better, but just can’t seem to get my head in the game.  As of the end of today, I am at about 150 out of 300.  I have two more days to try to climb up into the top third.  More importantly, I’m having great fun.  The stages are difficult to shoot and are doing a good job at testing skills that I don’t regularly practice.

As I said below, it was very dusty and windy today.  The free-standing awnings they use for shade on each shooting bay did not tolerate the wind too well.  Several times the wind picked them up and blew them around.  We took to hanging our gear bags from the awning frames to hold them in place.

Here are some fresh pictures from today:

Dusty Day Two

Day two is almost over, and boy is it dusty! The winds have picked up and my eyes ard burning from the dust. It seems to get everywhere, in my gun, camera, phone, eyes, and a thick layer has coated my glasses.

Guess I’ll have to clean my gun tonight!

Start of Day Two

Today I’m shooting in the afternoon. It will likely be hotter than yesterday, since we were done before noon.

The first stage today went much better than yesterday. There was one swinger that was mostly hidden and one pendulum that was moving pretty fast. I got them both without any extra shots.

The second stage looks very straight forward with lots of wide transitions and some chances of getting disqualified by breaking the 180 degree safety rule. I’ve attached some pictures.

I’d really like to go watch the super squad shoot and take some pictures and video of people some of you might recognize. However, they seem to be shooting at the same time we are. Maybe we’ll finish early.